Body Bar Flex Basics DVD

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    SHIPPING INCLUDED Welcome to Body Bar Flex Basics. Graceful and easy-to-follow, Lashaun Dale leads a blend of standing routines, seated exercises and floor work that tone and stretch all the major muscle groups. Great for those just beginning an exercise program and for those hoping to increase range of motion while building gentle strength. Youıll build flexibility, balance and strength by focusing on alignment, breathing, and form. These precise, controlled moves strengthen your core muscles, your back, and abs to stabilize your body and teach you functional full range of motion and balance needed for everyday movement. Lashaunıs smooth cuing makes it a safe, comfortable, and effective exercise program for everyone who wants to stay active, strong, and independent. Requires a four foot Body Bar Flex and an optional three foot Body Bar Flex. Features Graceful and easy-to-follow, Lashaun Dale leads this ultimate flexibility training workout A blend of standing routines, seated exercises & floor work to tone & stretch all muscle groups Great for the beginning and intermediate exerciser Increase range of motion while building gentle strength

    Brand: Body Bars

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    If you are looking to buy a Body Bar Flex Basics DVD online the best place to buy is at Bigfitness.

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    Body Bar Flex Basics DVD

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    Body Bar Flex Basics DVD
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