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Strength Equipment from PowerSystems.

PowerSystems has a huge selection of Strength Training Equipment and Fitness Equipment.  Although their equipment is designed for commercial gyms and use, many avid home users enjoy the reliability of a high-quality machine.

Weight Benches
Quad Machines
ISO Curl
Shoulder Press
Incline Bench
Squat Stool
Hundreds of other machines, fitness equipment and benches.

Strength training is important for playing golf at optimal performance.  Golf is a very popular outdoor activity that appeals to men and women of all ages. Unlike many faster-paced sports that involve mostly teenagers and young adults, golf is the exercise of choice for many middle-agers and seniors. Because 18 holes of golf is a fairly time-consuming activity, it is particularly well-suited to retired persons. Actually, a few hours of golf involve only a few minutes of demanding exercise, namely the forceful swinging action of the drives. Although brief, the explosive nature of the golf swing places considerable stress on the hip, back and shoulder joints, which may lead to a variety of injuries.

It would therefore seem important for players to perform some stretching and muscle strengthening exercises to condition their musculoskeletal system and reduce the risk of swing-related injury. Obviously, pre-season preparation becomes a more critical concern for older golfers who have lower levels of muscle strength and joint flexibility. While golf may be a captivating and satisfying activity, it has essentially no value in terms of fitness enhancement. And although there are certainly exceptions, it would appear that the majority of golfers are not exercise enthusiasts. Generally speaking, most golfers could benefit from regular participation in an appropriate exercise program.

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